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B.Sc. (Hons.) in Computer Science

The Objective of the B.Sc. (Hons.) in Computer Science (CS) program is to produce world class IT professionals. The program covers a comprehensive curriculum following standard international guidelines. The program has been designed to satisfy the growing demands for IT professionals throughout the country. It gives students the opportunity to obtain a broad-based knowledge of Computer Science and IT, including Computer Programming, Computer Mathematics, Multimedia Production, E-commerce, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Network. 

Entry Requirement

For B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Science, the entry level is a Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) or A level or Alim with Mathematics. However, students passing HSC from Humanities and Commerce group may also apply for this program provided they complete courses equivalent to 6 credit hours in Mathematics before they start their regular courses at AUB and also any other conditions fixed by the authority.


Admission into B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Science program is on a competitive basis. Aplicants will be required to sit for an admission test designated to judge their abilities and aptitude for the program. Candidates are selected for admission on the basis of past academic records, a written test and a viva examination.


Degree Requirements

A student will have to complete at least 140 credit hours (total 60 courses) for a four years B.Sc. (Hons.) in Computer Science, out of which 94 credit hours for core courses, 30 credit hours for sessional courses and 16 credit hours inter-disciplinary courses.

A student must get at least a 'C' grade to pass an individual course and maintain a minimum GPA 2.00


The fee structure for the B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Science program is as follows:

Fees (for total 157.5 credits) Amount
Payable per credit Tk. 2,190
Payable (approx.) in each subsequent semester(12 Semesters) Tk. 26,580
Total cost for the entire program Tk.3,48,525



The Internship is a practical training meant for BBA. This gives the BBA students an exposure to the real world to make them effective managers in the corporate world. The duration of internship is a maximum period of 3 months. Students are assigned grades based on reports prepared by the students and performance reports about the students by the organizations where they were attached. Special projects or research works of high standards mat be substituted for an internship, if so authorized by the relevant authority.

Core Courses 

Compulsory (109 credit hours)

Course Code Course Title
CS 1101 Computer Information Systems
CS 1101S Computer Information Systems Sessional
CS 1102 Programming Language and Applications-I
CS 1102S Programming Language and Application-I Sessional
CS 1207 Physics
CS 1103 Math-I Differential Calculus and Co-ordinate Geometry
CS 2207 Data Structure and Algorithms
CS 2207S Data Structure and Algorithms Sessional
CS 2314 Math-II: Integral Calculus and Differential Equation
CS 2315 Basic Electronics
CS 2315S Basic Electronics Sessional
CS 1208 Programming Language and Application
CS 1208S Programming Language and Application-II Sessional
CS 2313 Discrete Mathematics
CS 3527 Math-IV : Linear Algebra , Fourier Transform and Statistics
CS 2256 Assembly Language Programming
CS 3523 Database Management System
CS 3523S Database Management System Sessional
CS 3631 Operating Systems Design
CS 3631S Operating Systems Design Sessional
CS 2312 Object-Oriented Programming
CS 2312S Object-Oriented Programming Sessional
CS 3630 System Analysis And Design
CS 3630S System Analysis And Design Sessional
CS 4734 Software Engineering
CS 4737S Software Engineering Sessional
CS 4846 Simulation, Modeling and Performance Analysis
CS 4846S Simulation, Modeling and Performance Analysis Sessional
CS 4851 Numerical Analysis
CS 3360 Mathematical Analysis for Computer Science
CS 3524 Internet Programming
CS 3524S Internet Programming Sessional
CS 4841 Computer Communication and Network
CS 4841S Computer Communication and Network Sessional
CS 4845 Artificial Intelligence and Expert System
CS 4845S Artificial Intelligence and Expert System Sessional
CS 4736 Computer Graphics
CS 4736S Computer Graphics Sessional
CS 4735 Compiler Construction
CS 4735S Compiler Construction Sessional
CS 4858 Theory of computing
CS 4400 Projects & Thesis

Elective-I (any 2 with sessional)

Course Code Course Title
CS 3339 Distributed Database Management System
CS 3339S Distributed Database Management System Sessional
CS 4855 Graph Theory
CS 4855S Graph Theory Sessional
CS 4871 Pattern Recognition
CS 4871S Pattern Recognition Sessional
CS 4854 Multimedia Systems
CS 4854 Multimedia Systems Sessional
CS 4239 Distributed Computing
CS 4239S Distributed Computing Sessional

Elective-II (any one)

Course Code Course Title
CS 4147 Management Information System
CS 3525 Data Communication System
CS 4848 Computer Security System
CS 4361 E-Commerce

Inter-Disciplinary Courses

Course Code Course Title
ENG 1104 Communication Skill
GP 1205 Comparative Political System
BBA 1202 Final Accounting-I
ECON 2308 Comparative Economic System
IS 2321 Comparative Religion
ECON 2316 Economics
BBA 2403 Organizational Behavior
SOC 4850 Society, Value and technology


Dean and Head of the Department
Dr. Muhammad Jafar Sadeq 
Associate Professor, Dean and Head 
Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
Asian University of Bangladesh (AUB)
Phone: +88-02-8950732, +88-02-7913219 Ext: 126 
Mobile: +88 01678664421
Email:  jafar@aub.edu.bd
Associate Professors
  Md. Akhtaruzzaman
  M.Sc. in Computer Science (DU), Ph.D. running (DU)
  Field of Interest (Research): Computer Vision based Image Processing
  E-mail: azaman01@gmail.com
Assistant Professors
Md.Mobarak Hossain
B.Sc & MS in Computer Engineering (vstu, Ukraine), Ph.D.Fellow (Computer Science & Engineering department, DUET)
Field of Interest (Research): Computer Systems & Networks, Cyber Physical System.
E-mail: mobarak10jan@yahoo.com
Engr. Md. Ahsan Arif
M. Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering (University of Madras), MCA (UNIC, The University of Comilla), B. Sc. (Engg.) in Computer Science (University of Madras)
Field of Interest (Research):  Natural Language Processing,  Machine Translation / Learning,  Computational Text Analysis / Linguistics,  Algorithm construction based on Artificial Intelligence / Intelligent Control
E-mail: mdahsanarif@yahoo.com
Mohammad Ashraful Islam Jewel
B.E in CSE, MS in ETE (Studying)
Field of Interest (Research): MIMO Technology
E-mail: jewelmy2k@gmail.com
Ashin Ara Bithi
B.Sc.Engg (DU), M.S. in CSE (DU)
Field of Interest (Research): Data Mining, Sequential Pattern Mining, Frequent Pattern Mining, And Web Mining.
E-mail: aabithi@gmail.com
Chandni Bhattacharya
M.Sc.Engg (Ongoing) (DUET), B.Sc.Engg (AUB)
Field of Interest (Research): Natural Language Processing,  Machine Translation / Learning, Algorithm construction based on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analysis, Cloud Computing, Distrinuted Database Management System
E-mail: chandniaub@yahoo.com
Syed Arif Rahman
M.Sc.Engg (Ongoing) (DUET), B.Sc.Engg (AUB)
Field of Interest: Big Data Analysis, Cloud Computing, Distrinuted Database Management System
E-mail: arifkh77@yahoo.com
Maoyejatun Hasana
B.Sc in CSE (IIUC), M.Sc in ICT (ongoing) (BUET)
Field of Interest (Research): Wireless Sensor Networks
E-mail: hasana004@gmail.com
Shomoita Jahid Mitin
B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering (EWU)
Field of Interest (Research): Cloud computing and Cloud based product Lines.
E-mail: shomoita.mitin.aub@gmail.com
Sadia Sultana
MSc. in Telecommunication(TE), BSc. in Computer Science And Telecommunication Engineering (CSTE) (NSTU)
Field of Interest (Research): Networking
E-mail: sadiaa.cse@gmail.com
Arpita Chowdhury
B.Sc Engineering in CSE from Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology (CUET)
Field of Interest (Research): Pattern Recognition, Digital Watermarking
E-mail: arpitachy10@yahoo.com
Jannatul Ferdus Taposi
BCSE (IUBAT), M.Sc. in CS (Jahangirnagar University) 
Field of Interest (Research): Artificial Intelligence
E-mail: jannatult9@gmail.com
Md. Delwar Hossain
B.Sc Engg. (DUET)
Field of Interest (Research): Wireless networking(Ad Hoc Network, Cognitive Radio Network), Data mining & Warehousing.
E-mail: delwar.duet@gmail.com


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