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Faculty Profile of Prof. Md. Ashraf  Hossain

Name : Prof. Md. Ashraf  Hossain

Designation : Professor

Education : B.Com (Hon's), M.Com, B.Ed (First Class), DU; Trained in Business Educational Management, New Zealand and China

Research Area : Managerial Economics, Public Finance, Government Accounting

Research and Publications

  • Theoretical Framework of Corporate Social Responsibility in emerging countries: Convergence or Divergence             Administrative Science Association of Canada (ASAC) conference, Muskoka, ON, Canada 2014

  • Case Studies Of Muslim Managed Organizations In Bangladesh European Journal of Business and Management Vol. : 05           2013

  • A Study On Management Of Bangladesh Rice Research Institute Eco-Friendly Agriculture Journal           Plant Physiology Division, BRRI, Gazpur-1701, Bangladesh 2009

  • Islam and Management Islamic University Studies  Vol. : 04         Kushtia 2009

  • Management of Rural Development in Bangladesh           Faculty of Business Administration, Islamic University Kushtia, Bangladesh 2001

  • Production and Operations Management           Tareq Publication Dhaka, Bangladesh 2001

  • Labour Productivity: A study on the public sector Enterprise Islamic University Studies           Kushtia 1998

  • The Islamic way of managing an Enterprise Islamic University Studies         Faculty of Business Administration, Islamic University  Kushtia 1997

  • Management Education- In the Light of Islam           Islamic University Kushtia 1997

  • Management of Non-Formal Education in Bangladesh Islamic University Studies           Kushtia, Bangladesh 1991

  • Effectiveness of Islamic Bank Bangladesh           Islamic University Kushtia, Bangladesh 1991

  • Patterns of Cooperatives in Bangladesh: Problems and prospects Islamic University Studies         Islamic University Kushtia, Bangladesh 1991

  • Agami-Dina IslamiBishabiddalay           Islamic University Kushtia, Bangladesh 1990

  • A Case Study on the Management of Farmers Cooperative The Farmers’ Cooperative Association           Manhattan,USA 1984

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