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Dear AUBians

Welcome to Asian University of Bangladesh [AUB], a family of over 100000 graduates. You will be happy to know that there are a lot of different professionals like: Govt. and Non-govt. officials, social workers, politicians, bankers and businessmen at home and abroad among you, the graduates of AUB. We would like to maintain a strong and lifelong relationship with you. On account of that, we have made a platform for former and current students of AUB. The platform is "Alumni Association" where you will be able to maintain a good network, socialization and get connected with your fellow graduates. Through this network you may know each other, help and get helped by your fellows and friends. We encourage you to stay connected with AUB. Asian University of Bangladesh is a center of excellence and new horizon in education. Stay in touch with AUB family. Please join the official Facebook group entitled "AUB-Alumni" to learn more about our activities.
Please remember to keep us informed of any changes in your contact details.

Director, Alumni Affairs, Asian University of Bangladesh
Cell: +880 , Email:, Facebook link

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