Department of Islamic History and Civilization


Importance of Studying Islamic History and Civilization

History is the scientific study of human affairs. The objectives of B.A. (Hons)/M.A. in Islamic History and Civilization are to provide understanding of the historical forces which have led to the emergence of the Muslims nations, and in particular, the birth of Bangladesh. The programs explore the relationships among the Muslim nations and their relationships with other countries, enabling the students to appreciate various cultures and be responsible citizens. Moreover, the study of history shows how the world became what it is now and hence to make predictions for the future. History teaches the facts and figures regarding history, society, culture, and civilization, and the various issues, problems and prospects of a nation.

The Islamic History and Civilization department is a research-based department with a good reputation in the intellectual arena at home and abroad. Most of the teachers of this department have obtained Ph.D. degree and they are all committed to the students in teaching and learning. Every year a peer review journal entitled “Journal of History and Civilization” is published where the writings of scholars from home and abroad kept their contributions. Teachers are engaged in researching the deep-rooted culture, history and heritage of Bangladesh. The department attempts to know the glorious history of the Muslim world. The burning issues of contemporary Middle-East, Africa, Europe and the globalization studies is highlighted and taught. The department also caters to medieval history along with the history of Islam and Muslim politics. Every year lecture series are conducted by eminent scholars. International and national seminars, conferences, and workshops are held regularly on all of the above issues.

The department is also engaged extra-curricular activities that help develop creative faculties of both teachers and students. Students engage themselves in study tours, excavations and sports.