Department of Social Work

Message from the Head

Social Work is an internationally recognized profession. Its mission is to enable all people to develop their full potential, enrich their lives and prevent dysfunction. The department of social work is a well-established department in AUB and successfully run under the dynamic leadership of the honorable vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Abulhasan M. Sadeq.

The Department of Social Work was established under the School of Social Sciences with an objective to acquaint students with the basic concepts and ideas of the Social Work profession with a view to equip them with a sound foundation and knowledge, which will prepare them to adjust to the reality of the multidimensional issues of the contemporary world. From the very initial days of its establishment, it has been able to attract the meritorious students of the country.

At present, the department offers two programs: B.S.S. (Hons.) in Social Work and M.S.S. in Social Work.

The department is enriched with highly qualified faculties with Ph.Ds and Masters Degrees from reputed universities at home and abroad.

Prof. Atiqur Rahman 
Head, Department of Social Work