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Overseas Linkages and Accreditation

AUB has established linkages with overseas universities for academic cooperation in education and research. Accordingly, AUB has signed many memoranda of understanding (MOU) with the following universities: 

(a) University of West Florida, USA

(b) Ashland University, Ohio, USA

(c) University of Southern Queensland, Australia

(d) University of Jordan, Jordan

(e) International Islamic University, Malaysia

(f) University of Yarmouk, Jordan

(g) Tehran University, Iran

(h) University Tun Abdul Razak (UNITAR), Malaysia

(i)  MoU with IFDC and NYIT

Besides, co-operative arrangements with several other universities are in progress.

Under an agreement, AUB students may study 50% of the courses at AUB and the remaining 50% of the courses at Ashland University, USA, for a degree from Ashland University. Also, AUB students will be able to switch to the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Australia, for a USQ degree with credit transfer at any point of their studies and also to UNITAR, Malaysia with similar facilities. Credit transfer facilities are available with a number of other universities as well.

AUB is accredited by, and is a full member of APICS, which is Switzerland-based body for accreditation of universities and international cooperation in education.

Furthermore, a number of scholars, academicians and educationists from home and overseas universities are associated with AUB in advisory and other cooperative capacities, who provide valuable input in its academic development and quality assurance.