Course Catalog

Core Courses 
Compulsory: 10 courses (30 credit hours)

Course Code Course Title
GP 1101 Introduction to Political Science
GP 1103 Political Thought I
GP 1104 Political Thought II
GP 1205 Comparative Political Systems
GP 1206 Comparative Political Analysis
GP 1208 International Organizations
GP 2309 International Relations
GP 2310 Political and Government Systems in South Asia
GP 3520 Political Economy of Bangladesh
GP 3623 Political Development in Bangladesh

Elective: any 20 courses (60 credit hours)

Course Code Course Title
GP 1102 Methodologies of Political Science
GP 1207 International Political Economy
GP 2311 Nationalism and the Emergence of Nation-States
GP 2312 Comparative Politics of the Muslim World
GP 2413 Public Policy-Making
GP 2414 Government Finance
GP 2415 Survey of Political History
GP 2416 Politics and Personalities in the Subcontinent
GP 3517 International Law and Diplomacy
GP 3518 Reform Movements
GP 3519 Public Administration
GP 3621 Peace and War Studies
GP 3622 Theories of Political Development
GP 3624 Contemporary Islamic Political Thought
GP 4726 Ethics in Politics
GP 4727 Comparative Political Institutions
GP 4828 Public Policy Analysis
GP 4829 Politics of Public Budgeting
GP 4830 Public Administration in Bangladesh
GP 4832 Nation Building and Ummatic Formation
GP 4833 Theories of State in Islam
GP 4835 Theoretical Issues in Western and Muslim Political Thought



Compulsory: 6 courses (18 credit hours)

Course Code Course Title
BBA 1201 Principles of Management
ECON 2308 Comparative Economic Systems
IS 1207 Islamic Ethics
IS 2113 Biography of the Prophet
IS 4845 Comparative Legal Systems
SOC 1103 Comparative Social Systems


Elective: any 4 courses (12 credit hours)

Course Code Course Title
BBA 4129 Interest-free Banking
BEN 1102 History of Bengali Literature I
CSE 1101 Basics of Computers
ECON 1105 Basics of Economics
IH 1105 Islamic History
IH 2114 Islamic Civilization
IS 1101 Introduction to Islam
IS 3333 Islam and Science
SOC 1101 Introduction to Sociology
SW 1101 History of Social Welfare and Social Work



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