Course Catalog

Core Courses


Course Code Course Title
MBA 5154 Statistics for Business
MBA 5151 Theory and Practice of Management
MBA 5152 Theory and Practice of Marketing
MBA 5153 Business Communication
MBA 5255 Managerial and Comparative Economics
MBA 5256 Financial Accounting
MBA 5257 Legal Environment of Business
MBA 5258 Quantitative Techniques in Decision-making
MBA 5359 Organizational Behavior
MBA 5360 Financial Management
MBA 5361 Human Resources Management
MBA 5362 Comparative Political and Social Systems
MBA 6463 Managerial Accounting
MBA 6464 Strategic Management
MBA 6465 International Business
MBA 6466 Production and Operations Management



Areas of Concentration(Management) any four Courses



Course Code Course Title
MBA 6567 Comparative Management
MBA 6568 Project Management
MBA 6569 Total Quality Management
MBA 6570 Management Practices in Bangladesh
MBA 6572 Contemporary Developments in Management



Areas of Concentration(HRM) any four Courses



Course Code Course Title
MBA 6573 Organization Development
MBA 6574 Compensation Management
MBA 6575 Industrial Relations
MBA 6576 Training and Management Development
MBA 6577 Leadership Management
MBA 6578 Strategic Human Resources Management



Areas of Concentration(Marketing) any four Courses



Course Code Course Title
MBA 6579 Marketing Management
MBA 6580 International Marketing
MBA 6581 Promotional Management
MBA 6582 Consumer Behavior
MBA 6583 Strategic Marketing
MBA 6584 Service Marketing



Areas of Concentration(Finance and Accounting) any four Courses



Course Code Course Title
MBA 6585 International Finance & Banking
MBA 6586 Financial Analysis & Control
MBA 6587 Securities Analysis & Portfolio Management
MBA 6588 Financial Reporting and Presentation
MBA 6589 Management of Financial Institutions
MBA 6590 E-Commerce and E- Banking



Areas of Concentration(MIS) any four Courses



Course Code Course Title
MBA 6591 Foundation of Information System
MBA 6592 System Analysis and Design
MBA 6593 Data Communication
MBA 6594 Advanced Management Information Systems
MBA 6595 Advanced Database Management
MBA 6596 Business Programming using C and C++



Areas of Concentration(Non Credit Courses)



Course Code Course Title
CSE 5004 Fundamentals of Computer
ENG 5001 Comprehensive English-I
ENG 5002 Comprehensive English-II
ENG 5003 Comprehensive English-III


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